Our Clients

Clients Who Work Best With Us and benefit most from our services:


  •  Are primarily successful pre-retirees and federal employees.
  •  Are not performance driven but goal driven.
  •  Have other things in life that are more important than money.
  •  Want to delegate their finances to a trustworthy advisor so they can be set free to do what’s most important to them.
  •  Want to work with a trusted advisor who can simplify and organize their finances.
  •  Are not influenced by the financial media, or things that are out of their control.
  •  Demonstrate respect to our team.
  •  Are comfortable with my fees and possible commissions I might receive.
  •  Enjoy life (not terrified of the future but excited about the future).

Added Service For You:

  • Our preferred clients can take advantage of our second opinion service, offering it to anyone they wish to help.
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