Our Broker-Dealer

Rick Costner has partnered with Geneos Wealth Management, Inc., a nationwide securities broker/dealer and registered investment advisor. From inception, Geneos chose to work exclusively with select clientele such as the G5 Financial Group. The firm has extensive experience in the financial services industry and whose leadership is highly respected throughout the industry for their knowledge, integrity, and management history. This successful firm facilitates Rick's advisory services and commissionable transactions.

Geneos works to keep Rick compliant on federal and state regulatory issues that come up regularly and sometimes very quickly. This is important to you because he can spend more time helping you reach your objectives rather than expending energy on the ever changing regulations that must be dealt with promptly.

The firm has no corporate agenda or in-house products with incentives that conflict with what’s best for you. Geneos offers only non-proprietary products and services sponsored by some of the best-known, strongest and most well respected financial services organizations in the industry. This provides Rick with unbiased and objective options to meet your personal needs.

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