Optimize Your Benefits

We help our clients retire with confidence by helping them develop a sustainable lifetime
income plan. Regardless of the economic situation or market conditions, they can enjoy a
worry-free income stream throughout their retirement. We identify and coordinate all
their assets and benefits so they can optimize their income.
Social Security
The Social Security System may seem fairly straightforward. There are actually hundreds
of options an individual or a couple can choose to draw on their benefits. Choosing the
right option could mean the difference of receiving hundreds of thousands of dollars
more in income over a lifetime. We can help you structure your benefits in the most
optimal way per your objective.
Federal Benefits
Whether under CSRS or FERS, if you want to make sure you have the right amount of
lifetime income when you retire, we can help. We can help you determine the best use of
your TSP, FEHB and FEGLI before and after retiring. Even if you have a complicated
service record because of military service or breaks in service, we can help you sort it
out. We have the knowledge and the tools necessary to give you an accurate estimate of
your benefits and lay out a strategy to maximize those benefits.
Federal Law Enforcement
If you are a federal law enforcement officer (LEO), you know that your benefits are
different from the regular CSRS and FERS employee. You may wonder if anyone really
understands your benefits and how to best use them. We know the law enforcement
provision in your pension and the differences between LEO benefits and those of the
regular federal employee.
Colorado Public Employees’ Retirement Association (PERA)
If you are a Colorado public sector employee, you may participate in the PERA pension
system. This system offers employees several choices to structure their benefits.
Choosing the right combination, could be vital in meeting your needs and goals.
Maneuvering through this often confusing system requires a deep knowledge of how
these various plans work with other benefits, like Social Security. Let us assist you with
Almost everyone in the country will be on Medicare at some point in retirement.
Designing the right health plan with your Medicare benefit is crucial in meeting your
healthcare needs. Most seniors experience increasing cost through retirement due to
escalating costs and the need for more health service as they age. We can help you
understand these rising cost and how to best prepare for them.
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