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2018 Overflowing Flower Pots - Garden Event

Luan made it fun again! The plants seemed to come alive in her presentation and welcome us into their place. Yes, we went to their home at Tagawa Gardens. For a number of us who had never visited Tagawa Gardens, it was impressive with all the variety of plants. We had fun, and most of us adopted plants to take to our homes.

2017 G5 Christmas Event

We had our largest attendance yet at our Christmas event.  The people at the Alamo Drafthouse Cinema did a wonderful job to make the atmosphere special for all of us who attended. Cheryl did another great job organizing the whole event. We appreciate her and all of you who spent the evening with us. Kudos to Tasha Leatherman for creating a slideshow of our Christmas event.

2017 Gardening Event: Create Your Own Garden in a Jar

We enjoyed yet another wonderful gardening event presented by master gardener, Luan Akin. She has covered multiple topics over the years, from produce plants, to flowering plants, to even honey bees. Her energetic fun-packed deliveries have yet to disappoint. We all seem to leave the events wanting more.

2016 Christmas Dinner & Movie

Christmas is a time for miracles, and what better way to usher in the season than with a private viewing of the Miracle on 34th Street with great food and even better people? Although our Colorado winter weather threatened the evening, we are truly grateful for those who ventured out and joined us for yet another wonderful holiday event!

2016 Golf Clinic Pictures

The golf clinic and lunch was a real treat. We all enjoyed the clinic, especially the newcomers. Mari and Les both said they enjoyed the clinic so much they would like to attend another if we decided to host a golf clinic in 2017. Notice the pictures and the terrific Colorado weather we enjoyed that day.


Grow Your Own Fresh Air with Luan Akin

We enjoyed another CLIF gardening event presented by our very own master gardener, Luan Akin. Even though she is an ambassador for Tagawa Gardens, she feels like our own master gardener. She has covered multiple topics over various times with us from produce plants, to flowering plants, to even honey bees. Her energetic fun-packed deliveries have yet to disappoint.

Power Against Fraud Pictures


At any time, any of us could become a victim of this monster that lurks deep within the dark shadows of criminal activity. This creature is gobbling down victims at an alarming rate. Of course this beast is better known as identity theft.

2014 Christmas Dinner and Movie

Our first annual, Christmas, CLIF event was a hit. Not only did we receive a lot of positive feedback, but it was our best attended event. Putting gifts, food, and a movie together with great people makes for a special night!
Thank you for attending. We really enjoyed hanging out with all of you.
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