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Should You Invest In Gold?


Over the years, people have asked me what I thought about investing in gold. Loring Ward, an investment management company, developed a video comparing gold to stocks and bonds as an investment. This video does an excellent job of what I try to explain to people about gold. To watch this entertaining but informative video, click on the video below.


2014 Christmas Dinner and Movie

Our first annual, Christmas, CLIF event was a hit. Not only did we receive a lot of positive feedback, but it was our best attended event. Putting gifts, food, and a movie together with great people makes for a special night!
Thank you for attending. We really enjoyed hanging out with all of you.

2014 Golf Clinic

Everyone who attended our 2014 golf clinic said they had a good time.  We had good food, nice weather, and terrific tips from golf pros Craig and Bryce.  Some of our golfers continued after the clinic with 18 holes of golf.  Wow!  Were they treated to a beautiful Colorado day.

2014 Pictures of Luan Akin's gardening event

As usual, Luan Akin gave an outstanding presentation. She discussed how to attract hummingbirds and butterflies, and she talked about the plight of the honey bees. It was a fun, lively meeting. This was her third year with us, and she didn't disappoint.

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